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Excuse the Disruption with Dan Cox

Aug 27, 2019

Bryan Mineo is the founder of SMOG (Swim Mechanic Ocean Group) who has created a community across North America of Swimmers from Olympic Athletes to first time ocean swimmers.  He truly embodies the concept of "doing what you love for a living."  Bryan started SMOG with out charging anyone for over 2 years because he just loved brining people together around a common interest he loved; ocean swimming.  SMOG has now grown into a extremely loyal community, very successful business and a non profit with groups all across North America including a number through CA, HI, TX, FL, ME and Mexico with more in the works.  

If you are struggling to figure out how to "do what you love" for a living or have an idea you want to bring to market but not sure if its what you really want to do, this is a great episode to listen to.  Its also an amazing episode if you have always wanted to swim or start a new sport.  A lot of great life, athletic and business advise in this episodes that you will enjoy and get a lot out of.  For more information on Bryan and SMOG use these links.